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Reduce by 12% the carbon footprint of sheep milk and sheep meat while ensuring farms sustainability

Expected Results:

Life Green Sheep Demonstration Farms

demonstration farms

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innovative farms

Life Green Sheep Emissions Down

Emissions mitigation

Life Green Sheep Advisors


A climate and sustainable roadmap for sheep production, in each country.


Project Timeline

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News & Events

Conference and International visit at Sommet de l’Elevage

The 3rd of October, Life Green Sheep will present the first results of the project...

Two video testimonial of Life Green Sheep french farmers

Two videos were shot this summer in partnership with the press group Reussir to share...

LIFE GREENSHEEP at EAAP 2023, LYON, August 26th – September 1st 2023

The European Federation of Animal Science (EAAP) has organised its 74th annual meeting in Lyon...

Common Framework for sustainability assessment

One of the tasks of the project was to propose a common methodology to assess...