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Reduce by 12% the carbon footprint of sheep milk and sheep meat while ensuring farms sustainability

Expected Results:

Life Green Sheep Demonstration Farms

demonstration farms

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innovative farms

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Emissions mitigation

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A climate and sustainable roadmap for sheep production, in each country.


Project Timeline

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News & Events

Sheep Farm Open Day in Ireland

Sheep farm open day, organised by Teagasc, took place on the 30 May 2024 on...

Visit at Iker, breeder and cheese maker in the Basque Country

During the 7th Steering Comittee, the Life Green Sheep team had the chance to discover...

Life Green Sheep: 7th Steering Committee in Vitoria, Spain

  Vitoria, April 17, 2024. In this 3rd year of the project, the 7th Steering Committee...

Preliminary results at the European scale

A diversity of systems To date, 90% of the environmental diagnostics of the demonstrative farms...