LIFE Green Sheep all’ITALIA NEXT DOP (1° Simposio Scientifico Filiere DOP e IGP)

Marco Acciaro – ‘LIFE Green Sheep, for a sustainable sheep farming’

Marco Acciaro (researcher art AGRIS Sardegna),responsible for the LIFE Green Sheep for Italy, describes in ...
Alberto Stanislao Atzori - Towards a European harmonized environmental assessment of sheep farming

Alberto Stanislao Atzori : “Towards a European harmonized environmental assessment of sheep farming” 

Alberto Stanislao Atzori is an associate professor of animal nutrition at the Department of Agricultural ...
Jean-Baptiste Dolle

Origins of the program in France

Jean-Baptiste Dollé has been working for more than 10 years on the climate issue in ...
Life Green Sheep Testimonial 1 - 94eb90b0-1bdc-4164-8ad6-dd0fc1ad5b4e

Catalin Dragomir (Romania) “Bringing research into the fields”

Catalin DRAGOMIR is the scientific director of the National Institute for Research & Development in ...
Life Green Sheep - Testimony 2 Photo élevage GAEC DE LA MAYNOBE - 1000

Environmental diagnostics on a French Roquefort Farm

“The environmental diagnostics of farms are innovative. Level 1 of the CAP’2ER tool allowed us ...
Life Green Sheep

Demonstration and dissemination actions to reduce the carbon footprint in European sheep farming

Life Green Sheep Main 5 partners


France : Sindy THROUDE
Ireland :Tim KEADY
Italy : Marco ACCIARO
Spain : Roberto RUIZ
Roumanie : Catalin DRAGOMIR

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