Life Green Sheep - Testimony 2 Photo élevage GAEC DE LA MAYNOBE - 1000

Life Green Sheep - Testimony 2 Photo élevage GAEC DE LA MAYNOBE - 1000“The environmental diagnostics of farms are innovative. Level 1 of the CAP’2ER tool allowed us to precisely visualize the environmental impacts of the way we manage our flock of Lacaune ewes. The report shows us the practices that have an impact on the environment and on our technical results, but also the levers for improvement. We will try to implement them » 



“CAP’2ER is an additional support tool for agricultural operations for our technical structure. Its primary objective is to assess the environmental impacts of ruminant farming systems and to identify technical levers to improve them. However, these are familiar to us, because they correspond in all respects to the advice that usually give to improve the technical and economic performance of dairy sheep farms. » 


Breeding Department – ​​General Confederation of Roquefort 

Life Green Sheep

Demonstration and dissemination actions to reduce the carbon footprint in European sheep farming

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France : Sindy THROUDE
Ireland :Tim KEADY
Italy : Marco ACCIARO
Spain : Roberto RUIZ
Roumanie : Catalin DRAGOMIR

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