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Reduce by 12% the carbon footprint of sheep milk and sheep meat while ensuring farms sustainability

Expected Results:

Life Green Sheep Demonstration Farms

demonstration farms

Life Green Sheep Innovative Farms

innovative farms

Life Green Sheep Emissions Down

Emissions mitigation

Life Green Sheep Advisors


A climate and sustainable roadmap for sheep production, in each country.


Project Timeline

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News & Events

Common Framework for sustainability assessment

One of the tasks of the project was to propose a common methodology to assess...

Life Green Sheep at next Tech’Ovin and Sommet de l’Elevage (France)

The Life Greensheep Project will organise have a stand at the professionnal expert sheep fair...

5th Coordination Committee in Sardinia

The Life Greensheep project is organising its 5th steering committee in Sardinia. A great opportunity...

Agroecology and low carbon practices, from father to daughter

Fabien Paris is a mixed farming and meat sheep breeder in the Allier region and...
Life Green Sheep

Demonstration and dissemination actions to reduce the carbon footprint in European sheep farming

Life Green Sheep Main 5 partners


France : Sindy THROUDE
Ireland :Tim KEADY
Italy : Marco ACCIARO
Spain : Roberto RUIZ
Roumanie : Catalin DRAGOMIR

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