“I thought it would be interesting to carry out this diagnosis to situate myself in relation to environmental issues, other farmers and even consumers. For example, I liked knowing how many consumers our farm could feed!
The diagnosis is very comprehensive, and we approached it from a number of different angles: soil, herd, harvests, purchases, etc…. The FAM DEO* diagnosis also forced me to sit down and think about our working hours and our way of working. I can’t wait to carry out the next diagnosis to see if the actions implemented have had a positive effect!” Théo ALBANIAC, farmer at GAEC DU MOULIN DU TIRONANT, Roqueredonde, Hérault, France
*DEO Diagnostic de Durabilité en Elevage Ovin


“Théo was immediately very interested when I suggested a CAP2ER and a WD diagnosis. His main motivation was to get a snapshot of the farm at a given moment, and more specifically of the way it worked and was managed. Comparisons with other farms also piqued his curiosity.
CAP2ER is an “innovative” diagnosis for him, since he had never been offered such a case study before.
As for the WD diagnosis, it forces the farmer to take the time to reflect on his working conditions…. This can encourage them to make changes to improve their organization, allowing them to devote more time to their family and hobbies outside the farm. Marion GUIBERT – UNICOR consultant.