Sheep farming and more widely ruminant livestock grazing mountain pastures are providers of many services. That was the theme of the LifeGreenSheep speech by project leader Sindy Throude at regional EAAP Clermont-Ferrand. She presented the results on biodiversity and carbon sequestration evaluated in the program through CAP2ER tool. 

In mountain areas, sheep farming provides a wide range of services, particularly environmental ones: maintaining biodiversity, sequestering carbon, preserving water quality for the most important. This was one of the topics discussed at the 3rd Mountain Livestock Farming Systems Meeting (Adaptation of mountain livestock farming to global change) of EAAP held in clermont ferrand from 5 to 7 june 2024. On this occasion, Sindy Throude presented the French results obtained within the project, for farms located in mountain areas.

Find here the presentation