Sardinia looking at the future of sheep farming

Two prestigious European projects aimed at developing the sheep sector involve the region of Sardinia: LIFE GreenSheep and TechCare.

Both projects, with AGRIS as the Italian coordinator, have the primary objective of improving the performance of sheep farms from a productive and environmental point of view (LIFE Green Sheep), with an eye on animal welfare and the adoption of new technologies (TechCare). The projects were presented during the last assembly of the Consortium for the Protection of the PGI Sardinian lamb (CONTAS), held on the 28th of October in Borore (Sardinia). The actors involved in both projects are breeders, heads of production consortia, meat processing plants, business consultants, veterinarians, nutritionists, and researchers.

Prof. Alberto Stanislao Atzori presented the Life Green Sheep project,  explaining its objectives and general mission: “it is a project that will last until 2025 and that will lead companies to implement a “Carbon plan”, certifying also their participation in the project”.

The reaction from the consortium has been extremely positive and enthusiastic, ensuring a proactive collaboration at the forefront of the member farms: “We could miss being an active part of two such important projects that bring the Sardinian companies belonging to CONTAS to reach cutting-edge parameters“, explains Battista Cualbu, president of CONTAS. We represent and group the majority of sheep farms in Sardinia, with 5100 farms, evenly distributed throughout the region and we have produced 85% of Italian PGI milk lambs destined to slaughter in 2021″.

Certainly, this active participation is a key element, not only for the development of the Green Sheep project but also for the implementation of innovative good practices in Sardinian sheep farming. The objective is to improve the sustainability of the sector thanks to the experience gained in these European projects.


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