European training kit available

A training kit was consolidated by our Romanian colleague Catalin Dragomir, the scientific director of the National Institute for Research & Development in Animal Biology and Nutrition (IBNA). In this PowerPoint, presented: Main climate change and livestock data sets...

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Testimonial video of a french breeder

Hugo Tamain is a breeder of Rava sheep, from Noirétable, in the center of France, and is committed to protecting the environment and producing quality meat. He participates in the European program LIFE GREEN SHEEP with his cooperative COOPAGNO....

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Sardinia looking at the future of sheep farming

Cerdeña estudia el futuro de la ganadería ovina

Dos prestigiosos proyectos europeos destinados a desarrollar el sector ovino afectan a la región de Cerdeña: LIFE GreenSheep and TechCare. Ambos proyectos, con AGRIS como coordinador italiano, tienen como objetivo principal mejorar el rendimiento de las explotaciones ovinas desde...

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Primer webinar del proyecto Life GreenSheep

Nos enorgullece anunciar que el primer seminario web europeo del proyecto Life GreenSheep, celebrado el 3 de octubre de 2022, fue un gran éxito. 91 asistentes de toda Europa participaron activamente y dieron una opinión muy positiva de la...

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Life Greensheep was at the french SPACE

Since 35 years, SPACE takes place in one of Europe’s leading farming regions and opens its doors to international visitors and exhibitors, providing an essential service to all livestock farmers seeking high performance, quality and sustainability in the global...

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Life Green Sheep

Demonstration and dissemination actions to reduce the carbon footprint in European sheep farming


France : Sindy THROUDE
Ireland :Tim KEADY
Italy : Marco ACCIARO
Spain : Roberto RUIZ
Roumanie : Catalin DRAGOMIR

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